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Patient Testimonials

  "Just to let you know that everything went extremely well yesterday.  Dr.Miller and Dr.Cholkeri  are outstanding surgeons.  It is amazing that after such surgery I was able to go home in the afternoon. I feel good, not much pain, no nausea... Again, big thanks to everyone on your team who helped me to go through the pre-operative and surgery process."  - June 2, 2011   


  "Just wanted to share regarding my whole surgical experience - it was the most organized, efficient, quality care I have ever experienced in the hospital setting.  I did not wait more than 5 minutes at any step of the process, the pre-surgical preparations went like clockwork, I went into surgery on time (almost unheard of!) and was made very comfortable in every regard (LOVED the warm gel pad on the operating table!)  All the staff seemed relaxed and friendly.  Post-op, the only true discomfort I had was from the air used to inflate my abdomen (felt referred pain to my shoulders and difficulty with taking a deep breath for a few days, along with general gas pressure in my abdomen), but NO PAIN from the surgery itself!  Needed NO PAIN MEDS other than one dose of Tylenol for the gas pain to my shoulders.  I was absolutely amazed!  The scopolamine patch appeared to be very effective in controlling nausea post-op as I had only ONE wave where I thought I might vomit when I first had to stand up after surgery, but did not and never did.  I actually had a friend who is a nurse who had the same procedure at [a different hospital system] 5 days after me.  I have to ask her if she had the scop patch, but she told me that her vomiting was so severe after surgery that she is actually bruised across her abdomen and is still having frank bleeding a week later.  She is not doing nearly as well as me and is younger!  The biggest problem I have is remembering not to lift or overdo as I feel so good.  My incisions are healing beautifully and will barely be noticeable, I am sure.  Please tell Dr. Miller that his reputation is well-deserved and thank him for his expertise.   I would recommend anyone to him for any gyne surgery and Edward Hospital for the procedure as well.  I have experienced the health care process as both a patient and a professional and I found this whole experience to be top-notch!  Thanks to everyone ...for being so accessible and knowledgeable."  - May 5, 2011


     "Finally I asked my doctor to help me find a doctor who performed a hysterectomy for me using the Advanced Laparoscopy Method. Luckily she was very kind and helpful and too was getting worried about my excessive bleeding to find me Dr. Aarathi Cholkeri-Singh. She told me that she was an expert on performing hysterectomy’s using the Minimally Invasive way. I called her office and made an appointment immediately just knowing that something wasn’t just right  with me anymore... Yes I was very nervous and not sure of what she was going to tell me but at the same time I knew I couldn’t keep bleeding forever without some complications. Dr. Cholkeri spent over 2 hours discussing every option with the risks and benefits for each option. I had brain overload. Meeting Dr. Cholkeri was truly an answer to my prayers. All the time she took for me and her knowledge on abnormal bleeding is amazing. I am so very grateful for everything Dr. Cholkeri has helped me with. After discussing all of my options I went home less anxious and was able to think about my entire situation more clearly... We went ahead with all of the pre-op labs, ultrasounds and biopsy’s needed before surgery. Once everything was completed we set a surgery date of July 29, 2010. I was quite nervous since I have not had any surgeries for the past 25 years. I watched the video and read all of the information on line regarding my procedure. This way if I had any more questions or concerns I knew that Dr. Cholkeri would assure me. Thursday July 29th came very quickly and I really felt at peace and ready to have Dr. Cholkeri perform my surgery. Knowing I was in great hands and knowing all this was going to be done Minimally Invasive made everything fall into place for me. I am sincerely grateful and thankful to Dr. Cholkeri and staff. In only 3 weeks after surgery I feel wonderful having my life back again and being a healthier new me... Dr. Cholkeri’s understanding and expertise is a tremendous gift for all women everywhere.

Thank you for everything."  - August 26, 2010


    "He referred me to a specialist- Dr. Miller- who he said was the “Michael Jordan” of Laparoscopy! I went home and called Dr. Miller’s office on Saturday morning, not expecting a call back until Monday.

Sunday morning the phone rang. It was Dr. Miller’s office. I said- it is Sunday, why are you calling me? She said- the office is open on Sunday and you sounded deeply concerned so I thought I would call you this morning. Wow! I  was given an appointment on Tuesday.

At my appointment, I was told, this time accurately and comprehensively, that I had 3 fibroids and that there were about 15 different options that I was eligible for- including laparoscopic removal of the fibroids without removing the uterus or ovaries or cervix. Dr. Miller sat face to face with me and described each option, advantages, disadvantages, recovery time, etc. of each and every procedure, including, the MRI ablation. I was relieved."  - January 13, 2010

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