Charles E. Miller, M.D. & AssociatesCharles E. Miller, M.D. & Associates
Specialists in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery


We are dedicated to providing the most advanced, up to date, and safe care for women with gynecologic problems.  Some problems, however, may require surgery.  Innovative technology has changed the way many gynecologic procedures are performed.  In fact, many traditional surgeries are being replaced with minimally invasive techniques.

Specialists at The Advanced Gynecologic Surgery Institute can assist you in determining the best course of treatment. If gynecologic surgery is advised, it can be performed by Dr. Charles E. Miller or Dr. Aarathi Cholkeri-Singh.  They both provide excellent care to women and have extensive training in advanced minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Dr. Charles E. Miller also specializes in Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility. He has one of the highest pregnancy success rates among the top centers in the nation.
Dr. Aarathi Cholkeri-Singh is fellowship trained to provide surgical, medical and preventative gynecological care to women.
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Advancing gynecologic care safely and successfully through minimally invasive means.